Friday, January 3, 2014

Unneeded Drama, a Cancer In The FGC, and Being Guilty by Association

What an intense and emotionally draining night it was to say the least....  I am writing today with a few different motives and one is to obviously defend myself, another is defend the actions of Michael "Yipes" Mendoza, and lastly to talk about none other than the head figure of an organization known as EMP.  Since I know this person is a drama queen I will dance around using his name because I am sure he will make some feeble attempt to try and drag me through the mud or even scratch and claw at me with some dumb threat of a possible lawsuit involving me slandering him or something of that matter.  But we all know who I am referring to and by now I hope most of you know his antics, his motives, and even his presence in the community have always been negative yet for some reason people have just accepted it as him being borderline crazy or just flat out mentally unstable.  All that is going to be a long part of this post so I would like to start off with more important things and something that deserves our full attention.

I would like to explain how and why I was pushed to the point where I felt in order to deal with backlash I needed to resort to calling out people and put aside the code of a gentleman.  For the past week I have been working hard not only operating Super Arcade but also building an entire plan and trying to organize what is going to be either the shutdown or complete revamping of the business.  This is very draining mentally and emotionally because there is an obvious sense that if it fails, not only am I left discouraged and disheartened, but I will be letting down a community that I have been desperately trying to carry on my shoulders for a long time now.  Before I go any further in this post I want to get to the point and let everyone know that I do feel Yipes is a very kind and genuine person.  He is one of the rare few in the community that truly does bring an aura to any event he steps into, and brings that happiness and hype that is unmatched to the games we have all grown to love and enjoy.  But he is also human and he has also lost a very close and dear friend at this time.  I don't want to focus on what caused him to make a post that was basically trashing me and my establishment, and I don't want to focus on the fact that he is a loyal person to a complete jackass in the community.  I do want to focus on the fact that I am well aware he is a very dark and lonely place at the moment and he needs to get back to being that great person the community has grown to love.  At this time emotions are at an all time high and people say and do things they sometimes can't control.  I can honestly say I felt bad that people were trashing Yipes in chat for a good part of the night and even though I just blew up and called him out, I still found it in myself to come to his defense because once again, I know he is just not in a stable state of mind. At the end of the day Yipes contacted me and within a few text messages we cleared the air and now it's time to complete the task at hand...  Run this charity tournament, get as close as possible to covering the goal needed for Nelson's family, and then get on with our lives.  So Yipes, please stay strong, many of us knows what it feels like to lose someone close and we can understand your pain.  Just know many people out there care for you and only wish the best for everyone involved in the situation.

I really wanted to defend Yipes actions here first and foremost because I genuinely like him as a person.  So now let me lay out a timeline in hopes of explaining to people exactly what went on and possibly why I was being accused instead of praised for trying to help someone.  This tournament WAS NOT MY IDEA to begin with.  I cannot make this any more clear for the knuckleheads that think I am trying to make a buck of someone's death.  Shankar came to me and asked if we could hold a tournament here to raise money for Nelson's family.  I instantly said yes and over the past week I have been doing all I can to promote the event and try to get more prizes and what not to raffle off so we could raise even more money for the charity.  I also believed that Shankar was taking care of contacting the parties involved on the other end and my job was to just make sure the tourney part ran smoothly.  Then all of a sudden I am blasted publicly for trying to help?  Can this go any worse?  I was told about a week ago by Shankar himself that a couple top players didn't want to attend because they felt I was trying to make money off this tournament.  But for the greater good I just kept this to myself even though it was making me very angry.  I still went on and kept working to collect prizes and other things to try and make this event better.  Let me also state that Super Arcade is not open on Mondays or Tuesdays and we have some type of tourney scheduled every day that we are open.  So I filled this coming Saturday with this event and never even thought twice that charging a venue fee would ever be an issue and is completely standard from a business point of view.  I guess at this point people looked at things all wrong and figured I was somehow snaking half the pot and being a douchebag.  Let me defend myself again in stating that it costs money to operate a business and I need to bring in an extra employee to run this event.  Who is going to cover this?  Who is going to cover the electricity bill for the day?  Who is going to pay the lease and again, I could've booked another event to cover these costs but I didn't.  I tried to act as the bigger person and just ignored the accusations but last night was the final straw.  The camel's back finally broke and my solution to dealing with ignorance was to fight back with more ignorance.  There is no mystery when it comes to my love and admiration of the man who legally changed his name to some stupid Nintendo Game Icon.  I put aside all my differences with this individual to run this event and I cost myself money by having this event thrown at my arcade.  All for what?  So people could call me out and try and throw me under the bus without having any knowledge of what really goes on?  That's just too much for me to swallow and what happened last night was a product of me trying to be the hero and just trying to drop the nuke to end this moron's capability to publicly speak ever again.  I will say this, I will not take back or even attempt to justify anything I said last night, and through all the F bombs and nonsense spewed I could only find one thing I wish I could take back.  Out of all the harshness I used the word "faggot" and I can honestly say that is the only thing I wish I didn't say.  I can go into this long argument and try to defend myself about how this word has evolved since I was a child and how this word is just not the same as it was back in the 80's, but that would make me even more ignorant and I would just be trying to make an excuse.  I have worked pretty hard to delete this word from my vocabulary and up until I went into rage mode, I feel I have done well and believe those around can vouch for that.  So to everyone I ask forgiveness for my ignorance in the use of this word as I am trying to better myself and take into consideration how this word affects those surrounding me.

There is a very long history of what Nintendo Boy has done wrong for the community and I can make many posts about it.  But I must cut this entry a bit short and let you all judge by his latest stupidity as to how he a cancer in our community.  Thanks for reading and I will make another post after our tourney on saturday discussing the event along with announcing the total amount of we have raised for Nelson.  See you all again soon.


  1. "Stupid nintendo game icon"? BibleThump

    It's a bummer that things got out of hand, but I'm glad you were able to clear the fog, not that ya needed to though. With all the stuff you do, you don't need to be too hard on yourself. I've met you several times before and I can totally say that you are one of the more enjoyable people to chat with. So I hope this kickstarter thing goes through and I'll continue to make it to friday casuals whenever I can.