Thursday, January 23, 2014

Risk vs Reward and Go Big or Go Home

So I guess the title should explain it all.  This post is going to be about what's basically an ultimatum for myself and the community in terms of Super Arcade proceeding forward or just vanishing forever.  I have already explained how I poured in my entire heart and soul into this place and unfortunately it has come time where either a huge change takes place, or it's time to pack it up and go home.  This is in essence both a relief and a nightmare for me because for the past 3 years Super Arcade is technically my second home.  Just the thought of it no longer existing has cost me many hours of stress and even anxiety at times.  I can't explain in words what all this means to me and how immensely my life has been affected from being around the arcade scene not only here at Super, but over the 25 plus years I have spent surrounded by video games.  Incase some of you are reading my blog for the first time or missed on some info regarding my future plans for the arcade, I will lay it out here once again.

I will be launching either a kickstarter or an indiegogo campaign that is aiming to gather funds needed to completely remodel and change Super Arcade entirely.  I have spent the past month working on a brand new business model, gathering estimates, and just working very hard to gather a total needed to fund this project.  People have asked me why I don't just run a donation drive so I might as well explain it here again too.  As the place stands, it's no secret that Super Arcade is not the most beautiful or modern establishment.  The floors are over 20 years old, the restroom is borderline scary, and just the overall image can be described as run-down.  Even with all the effort to keep things running as best as possible and as clean as possible, it's just at the point where reality sets in and I'm forced to do something about it.  A donation drive will basically just keep the place running a little longer and won't do anything to ensure a future.  I can no longer keep dragging my feet and this is where it's time to "Go big or go home."  The best part of a kickstarter for me is either the goal is accomplished or all the funds are returned to everyone and I can call it a day.  If everything goes well, there will be no excuse of lack of support or lack of funding.  If it doesn't get funded I don't have to keep pulling strings to keep the ship afloat.  Pretty plain and simple how this will work yet for the past couple weeks it has tormented me.

There's been so many highs and lows throughout my entire time here.  A few years ago I was just planning on helping out the previous owner and making this place "popular" or "well-known" in a sense.  My only goal was to help Super Arcade become the one and only place for competition and give socal a breeding ground to help train and improve the scene.  Then through a complex series of events I somehow end up taking complete control and become the sole owner a year ago.  At that point I promised myself I would give it a go for one full year and reassess things come January 2014.  Well, that day is here and I can honestly say even through all the financial struggles and time I have sacrificed away from home, I don't regret keeping this place open.  There are so many people I have met and enjoyed associating with here at the arcade that cannot be replaced and will never be forgotten.  If you have attended one of our tourneys, or frequent them for that matter, I'm sure you share the same feeling as I do and have a great passion for the game and it's competition.  How can this be replaced by online match ups?  How can this be mimicked at a Dave and Buster's or a Round 1 arcade?  There's just something magical about this place and who knows, maybe I'm just delusional, and I can only speak for myself but I will say, my heart will be broken if the arcade dies.  I won't beg for people to understand or feel the way I feel, but if you are a part of the scene and do feel like me, please do your part to keep it alive.  I also noticed a slight increase in attendance after I started my blog and also a new influx of fresh faces that started to come out, and even though I wish I didn't have to go to these lengths to make it happen, I am glad people are coming out more and showing up to play and enjoy themselves.  Thank you for supporting and hopefully you had a good time and enjoyable experience.

So yeah, there it is, going to finalize the project and get everything launched hopefully by February 1st.  Going to let it run for 30 days or so, if it works out, awesome.  If it doesn't, then that's the Risk to Reward.  Super Arcade will be closing soon after and I would just like to thank everyone for your time and effort.  I will probably have one more blog post before launch just asking people to help me share everything through all branches of social media and any other possible outlets.  Thanks for reading people and see you again soon.  


  1. Hope your plans work out! I'm sure it'll be successful.
    I'd suggest you should turn super arcade into a brand. start selling t-shirts and stuff associated with the arcade. maybe membership support that gives perks of some kind?

  2. Hope this works out for you Mike! Without Super, SoCal and pretty much all of the western United States is without an arcade to call home. I will definitely try to spread the word to the best of my ability when the kickstarter opens up. Let's do this!

  3. I'm definitely in there! It would break my heart to see super close. I will def lend what I can towards the kickstarter and I hope others follows suit and it is a success!

  4. Keep fighting the good fight brotha! Wish I could come out more often than I do but I always try to show support as best I can. Regardless of it's fate, you are doing a great job my friend! The only arcade left that still feels like home.

  5. Im not even a person who visits super arcade (although i should) but i feel really hyped that you are taking the effort to change its image.
    Although i love watching the streams, and live about 10 min away, i kind of get turned off visiting the place because im not a good fighting game player.

    I use to visit super arcade along time ago just for the puzzle fighter, the thing alot of casuals like me look for is a place for quick entertainment and go.

    I cant wait to see the new image, maybe if it goes through ill come down and ask to lend a hand.

  6. Lets band together and keep Super open everyone
    we cant let it close down.

  7. Yes, let's keep it open. It's the only place I can go to play SF 3rd Strike.