Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another heartwarming weekend at Super Arcade.

So we just completed another "Charity Tournament" for a gentleman by the name of Patrick Collins.  This tourney included both the original Tekken Tag and Tekken Tag 2 along with a crowd favorite Tekken Ball.  I'm going to start off by saying that it's gatherings and events like this that keep me positive and reassure me that the existence of Super Arcade is definitely mandatory to our community.  We had 20 people enter Tekken Tag, 40 people enter Tag 2, and 16 for Tekken Ball.  Might I say that 40 people for Tag 2 is a lot considering the game isn't super popular but the socal community came to support for sure.  On site I believe we raised a bit over $600 for Patrick's Fund and hopefully that will help out his family during this rough time.  It's really sad and weird how the passing of people can affect so many once it happens where as when they were alive their life isn't truly valued by others.  I guess that just goes with the saying that you don't know what you have until it's gone, but at least respects were paid and many including myself had a good time and felt an appreciation for all the love and support from everyone who attended.

Couple quick notes from the tourney that I would like to share with you guys.  First one is that Markman took the reigns in making a donation drive including his own prized sticks that are very very rare and sought after.  Dude's a mad stick junkie and for him to donate such prized possessions just shows his character and loyalty to the scene.  Another small shocker came when the 1st and 2nd place participants of both tourneys were to be awarded sticks courtesy of Markman once again and MadCatz.  Very generous and gracious gesture and congrats to the winners.  Another highlight comes from none other than the Grand Finals of Tekken Ball.  Let me set the tone real quick by first off stating we were planning on closing at 1am like any other Saturday but since it was for a good cause, no problem, rough it out another night and do it for the cause.  So the Tag 2 tourney ended roughly at 2:30 in the morning and the place is pretty drained.  The only high point of that tourney was the newly improved player known as RunItBlack has become a heel in a sense and people were cheering against him.  The levels of anger and salt when he lost to his teammate Incog were good enough to warrant the late closing and entertained everyone who was there.  So anyways, come around 2:35 I am getting pretty tired after working close to a 15 hour shift and dreading the fact we need to swap systems, games, and Mando has to man the helm of the stream station for one final match.  But here's the thing.  This isn't your ordinary match, this is a match between 2 guys who have been around the socal scene for a very long time and are both well known in the Tekken community.  The first participant is Rickstah, and for some reason I entered him as "Big Rick" as a semi troll during the last WNF we held on Weds and it started to stick.  He's a very good sport by the way and I always mess with him, hope he doesn't resent me too much hahaha.  Then we have a gentleman by the name of BL.  BL is notorious for picking the cheapest stuff you can possible do in any game he plays.  Mind you he is a very soft spoken, polite, and extremely nice guy, but cause of his "snatch-like" style of play he is definitely not a crowd favorite but still loved by all.  He also won the last Tekken Ball tourney they had at SoCalRegionals if I'm not mistaken.  So I laid out all the ground work that you need to know, now all that's left is for you to spare about 10 minutes of your time, and I will warn you, there is some foul language during commentary so don't blame me if you lose your job while peeping YouTube.

Tekken Ball Grand Finals

I can mark this down as possibly the best grand finals to ever take place at Super Arcade.  I am not over hyping this and I promise you will not be let down, so go check it out and thank me later.  And last but not least I would like to bring up something that one of the guys I have become friends with here Super said to me.  There is no negativity so I will use his name here and maybe he will read this and know he touched my heart.  Suiken and I were talking about the tourney and I was asking him his relation to Patrick Collins or what interactions he might have had with him.  He just told me they chatted a bit here and there and played a few times but nothing too deep.  Then we started to get a little mushy and he brought up the fact that now that we are both fathers it seems as though Pat's story is even closer to home and makes it that much more sad that he left behind 2 kids unfortunately.  I noticed he was getting a little teary eyed so I didn't bother to reply much hoping he would cheer up.  This is when he said to me "Mike, are you that cold hearted?"  I was a little sad from the chit chat we had and I just told him cmon man, you know I wouldn't be running this tourney if I didn't care.  But basically I just want everyone to know, I do care.  I care about this community as a whole, I care about all the people who come to play and support the arcade, and I care about respecting those who deserve it and feel that too often people don't receive the credit and respect they deserve.  So to those of you who do positive work for the FGC, just know that if you feel no one cares, know that I care, and I sure many others do too and you are genuinely appreciated by many.  And to Suiken, I just didn't want you to cry bro :)  If by you thinking I'm cold hearted saves you from tearing up at the arcade, I'll take that shot for you anytime buddy.

With 2 charity tournaments now in the books I do want to say that even though positivity came out as the final result from both, we really need to hope that I won't be called upon so often to run these things.  Too many good guys leaving us way too soon.  That's never a good look and I would like to once again thank everyone who participated and helped make these events possible.  Without a group effort there wouldn't be any success and just as in anything else, your help and support is always needed and appreciated.  On an ending note I would just like to say may you Rest In Peace Patrick and my condolences to your beloved family. 

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  1. That settles it! They need to bring back Tekken Ball. Brought back some memories of playing with my friends that was a great set.