Monday, January 13, 2014

Never Knew Giving Props or Helping People Deserved Backlash and Patrick Collins charity tournament

So I guess my blog is receiving some good exposure and hopefully the people it's reaching have been able to take away something from it.  I mentioned previously that I have always been a pretty private person when it comes to personal issues but I have always been very loud about dealing with people and problems that I feel strongly about.  I'm not sure exactly how it came about, but my true hatred for a select few in this community has lingered for many, many years.  Although this anger has not hindered my life, it is something that I would like to address or resolve whether it be in the public's eyes or held privately at their discretion.  And this brings me to the topic in the title of this post.  So I have recently received some backlash for a couple recent things.  One being the Marvel Remix tourney we just held in efforts to raise money to help someone, and another being my last blog where I tried to give some insight to the Smash Brothers community that I have been dealing with as of late.  I guess the only true bad feedback I received from the charity tournament came from a few specific people located on the East Coast and hopefully the true intentions of our event were realized when we generated $750 to give to Nelson's funeral fund.  Now in regards to my last blog I attempted give much deserved respect to a community that has busted their ass for years and never received the respect they deserved.  What did that leave me with?  It left me with some comments made by people behind a keyboard trying to just interject themselves into a conversation, or people who have nothing better to do than post condescending replies when there is a complete absence of negativity.  I usually ignore most of the "trolls" and try to take into consideration the majority of these comments are coming from a vast array of people who have no lives, nothing positive going for them, low self esteem, or just no respect for themselves or anyone else.  At many times I can understand where people might have an argument or wish to discuss matters they don't agree with or possibly don't understand, but there are too many instances where there really isn't anything to argue about and people just want to act foolish and stir up drama.  This is where I personally have drawn the line.  In my younger years I have had an extensive post or two, or three, maybe even more, where I would not give up until I proved my point and just completely shut down any every opinion or comment from the opposing party.  But through all these ignorant, time wasting, and unproductive arguments, I found myself just wasting too much precious time that I could be using to better myself or help people around me.  At this point if I don't have an insightful or positive response, I will most likely ignore the trolls and keep the ignorance isolated.  I don't have the time to entertain you crafty trolls any longer and for that I apologize.

I guess I am explaining this because I was actually bothered for a few reasons.  Some people believe I am using this blog for ulterior motives, other feels I am trying to prey on the FGC for money, and then last but not least, some feel I am here craving attention.  At times I have asked myself why did I start this blog and why I have allowed people into my life, but then I also receive a lot of encouragement and people telling me how much they appreciate what I am doing here not only with Super Arcade but also with being genuine and basically hiding nothing about our current situation.  So the positives greatly outweigh the negatives but the constant needling and small jabs are adding up as time goes on.  I personally had no idea that this blog would be posted on all the major sites and I had no part in that.  Had I have known I might not have even started one to begin with.  I have never been an attention whore nor have I ever been one to complain about things like stream time or ask for my matches to be streamed.  I truly try to stay quiet in the scene until someone comes along that needs to be put in their place.  With more interest and more exposure comes more responsibility and I have now come to realize that I do have a voice and fortunately my opinions and actions are respected or can be used for good.  This is a privilege and power that I will be very careful with and if I wasn't already being careful with what I was saying or doing, I must now be even more careful and handle situations very cautiously as I move forward.

With all this being said, Super Arcade is hosting another charity tournament for another gentleman who passed away much too soon.  Patrick Collins was a member of the norcal Tekken community and died at the young age of 28.  As with Nelson, I have met this person but we were in no way best friends and merely just acquintances. He stopped by the arcade a little over a year ago and we had a few conversations over the phone regarding arcade cabinets and other arcade stuff.   I had actually talked to him about a month ago when he called me up asking if I knew of any more Tekken Noir Cabinets that were for sale.  When I first heard the news of a Patrick passing things didn't even click.  It wasn't until I saw his picture that I realized another person I had contact with in the community passed away and all this stuff is starting to hit way too close to home.  So here we are once again throwing another charity tournament hoping to help someone in need and do another good deed.  Hopefully this time there will be zero ignorance and people will see that the arcade and myself are acting genuinely to help someone.  This tournament was not my idea but obviously I am always willing to use our location to help charitable causes and people in need.  Only problem I have is that this better not become the norm and we better not be holding these on the regular for obvious reasons.  So if you have the time and want to support another good cause we are throwing two tourneys including Tekken Tag and Tekken Tag 2.  I'm sure the entire socal Tekken scene will be on hand along with MarkMan already confirming himself and the San Diego crew.  Aside from the prize money going towards his donation campaign and some MadCatz stuff we will be raffling off, I am not 100% sure what else will be going on to help, but I'm sure we will think of something.  So once again, this Saturday January 18th, please stop by and support this tournament.  I will post more updates via twitter once they start coming in.

Thanks again for reading and let's try to get through the year without losing anymore of the good people in the community.

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  1. Your always going to have ignorant people. The name ignorant in itself points to the most important part of definition, ignore. People are always going to ignore the facts for there own opinions(I'm sure I can be held to this at times also).

    We are human after all and though it may irritate. I speak for all overly opinionated people when I say ignore us. It's great that you do this because it helps to shed a light on the things we may choose to ignore or just not have the facts on.