Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Motto, New Attitude.

So it is day one of a brand new year and with much hope this year will bring a lot more good memories instead of tough times for Super Arcade as well as the entire community.  I just read my last post and boy do I apologize if it put some of you in an unhappy state of mind.  After it was published I can say many people did come out and support a little more than normal and there was also some touching moments that were created by very generous and kindhearted people that support the arcade.  I received a few Christmas gifts for my daughter and myself that were completely unnecessary, yet very kind and appreciated.  I also received many offers of donations and, I had to graciously decline until I had everything set up for a new business plan.  So thank you to everyone who came out over the past week, thank you to the people who brought me amazing gifts, and thank you to everyone who continuously supports the scene and takes time out to come and be a part of Super Arcade.  I can honestly say that just a few nice comments and seeing people enjoying themselves playing games here has changed my mood entirely and given me a boost to keep working on what will hopefully be the next phase of Super Arcade.

I have been working diligently to keep this place afloat and hope to move forward with a brand new plan to keep the arcade up and running for the long term.  Not only have I done my own research but I do follow up on just about everything that is posted and commented on through SRK, EventHubs, Twitter, Facebook, NeoGaf, and even Reddit.  Just browsing all these sites and filtering through the forums in a job in itself and I commend you trolls who do this day and night, you get a definite A for effort there monsters.  But back to the point, I have thought very carefully and taken into much consideration all of the constructive criticisms along with suggestions.  I feel what I have come up with is a great improvement for Super Arcade and will revitalize this location along with the FGC as a whole.  Problem now is, with ideas and work, the most important factor is now funding.  Here are my feelings about this project.  First off, I did not intend for this blog to be about advertising or self gain.  I did not even have a clue it would be receiving as much attention as is has gotten to this point, and my original intentions were to just bring you guys into my world and let you know that being a part of the behind the scenes takes much more work than you can imagine.  But now that it has taken a turn, I would be a fool not to use this blog as a tool to reach out to people and use it as a voice not only within the FGC, but hopefully towards people that can help us make a change and support not only me, but the community as one.

I have a motto I would like to share with you all, and I hope it's not too cheesy but for the time it took and me being older now, please excuse me.  "Member Driven, Modernized, and Made-for-All!"  I think this motto fits the ideas behind my new business plans really well.  I have developed a new strategy that I think will finally generate the revenue needed for Super Arcade to not only survive temporarily, but stay relevant for years and years to come.  Without exposing too many specifics I can say that my main goal here is to attract the business of the college students across the streets.  I am paying a premium lease for this location so it is now time to make use of it.  Having an area for people to use their laptops, purchase wifi at an affordable rate, and just have a hang out during down time in between classes would be a great addition to this spot.  And if done properly, with a little help from some promotional advertising and just word of mouth, this should attract many new customers during the daytime.  There is also an obvious issue regarding our game line up here.  As I mentioned previously, I focused way too hard on making this a fighting game arcade instead of a family or casual gaming spot.  With that being said, I will still have set ups for the current popular stuff here including head to head cabinets for 3rd Strike, MvC2, SF4, and ST, but I will make much better use of our floor space by incorporating a few pinballs machines, a few driving games, a few more shooting games, and keep our current music and dance games as well.  These are all very relevant changes because you cannot get this type of gaming experience from home with an emulator and these are games that you can only play at an arcade location.  Once again, more games to play, more revenue for the arcade.  Thirdly, I will be changing our current counter and register area to include a glass case where I can be in a sense a 1-stop shop to purchase all of your favorite FGC items including t-shirts, toys, buttons, sticks, etc.  You will no longer have to wait for buttons or clothing to ship and have a place where you can just get everything when you want it!  And last but not least, I am going to have a membership system in place that will benefit both the customer and the business.  I cannot release details on this but just know that if you are a current tourney attendee there is value in this for you so stay tuned!

All in all I feel as though these are the immediate changes that need to take place.  Along with renovating and remodeling to bring the place a more modernized look, these implemented models to follow are the things that we have been lacking and knowingly missing from this location.  A new restroom, new overhead and wall lighting to make things much more cost efficient and energy saving, and just a new feel and look to change the atmosphere here will be a huge benefit to everyone.  I am actually excited to see if this project will come through and envisioned it all many times over.  Now all that's left is for me to get accurate estimates and an estimated time frame before I leave it up to the hands of the community.  This project will be done as a kickstarter or indiegogo as I have obviously exhausted everything in life including my time, health, and savings.  Is this location and plan enough to have people willing to support?  I really don't know, but regardless of the outcome I know that I will have zero regret and I know that I have done everything in my power to support the community and push it towards being better and stronger.  Oh and by the way FGC, I have a little secret....  Now that we are hosting Super Smash Sundays, I kind of have the support of the Smash Community and we all know they raised over $100,000 just to have their game at EVO.  So who knows if they can help bail out the FGC and give us a hope for a brighter future.  Might a name change of "Super Smash Arcade" be in the works?  We can only wonder........ 

Thank you all again for reading and I will keep everyone up to date on progress and new plans as much as possible.


  1. Awesome. Super Smash Arcade! Has a nice ring to it.

  2. Good idea stocking buttons man,that would be nice to get new ones at super

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  4. Ok, as FG players we surely know that this gaming genre is hard to learn, you need time to master the basics, while other genres like mobas or FPS are just as easy as pressing buttons. So Im thinking in doing a training program for people who wants to learn to play FGs. I would charge a small fee so they can play any game they want on my arcade cab for one hour or two without any fear of being challenged by other players, and Ill be there teaching all the basics about that game and after that combos and other tricks, giving them enough knowledge to challenge other people. I think theres many people that would like to play FGs but they feel afraid that some more skilled players make fun of them or angry with them. So if mike can get some volunteers that have the willingness of teach others, new players and talents will be coming to the FG community and the arcades too.
    Is just a humble idea of mine, Im glad you are feeling better now and Ill wait the crownfunding campaing to make my donation.
    Greetings and sorry for my english.

  5. Would it possible to acquire a Para Para Paradise machine? A good number of friends would love to see this game now that Japan Arcade has closed its doors (RIP). I think it would be a great addition if financially possible

  6. "A new bathroom" Oh thank the lord almighty, maybe it'll have soap in there!!! Ok that's a little harsh, but I really am looking forward to these potential changes! You could probably find a way to use the local space more efficiently, as there is so much potential to these changes. This is by far the best arcade I have ever been to, and I will gladly support in any way I can!

  7. Hey Mike, it's really good to see you so enthused about the new year, and I love the idea of you selling gear in the front case area =)

  8. I wish you and the store lots of luck. I went for the Project M tourney and I wish I could come more often with friends, but it's way too far from me (an hour away). Hopefully the students near the store take better advantage of the games you have there =]

  9. hyped that pinball was mentioned ;D

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