Friday, October 31, 2014

Pushing Through And Moving Forward

I actually had a blog written up and was going to post it but due to an extremely tragic occurrence I decided to hold off and wait till now.  I still remember posting about the death of Nelson Reyes and also Patrick Collins just like it was yesterday.  I still feel the chills when thinking about how just one week prior to Patrick's death I was on the phone with the guy just chatting about a bunch of arcade stuff.  Each and every unfortunate member that has passed away in our beloved community has effected me in one form or another.  These few recent deaths are not the only ones I have been through as two more had happened a few years prior.  If you are somewhat old school in the Fighting Game Community you might have heard the names Dasrik or PSX2000.  I was fortunate enough to know both of these gentlemen and for those of you who knew them as well, I'm sure you would agree that they were both very special people.

The reason I bring all this up is because I wanted talk a little bit about Terrance Moore.  For those of you unfamiliar with that name, Terrance is a gentleman that went by the tag "PushaTee."  He was a very amazing person that brought a sense of happiness to everyone around him and he just had that one in a million type of personality that pierced the room when he entered.  In a community of such competitive nature and rivalries, Terrance was one of those shining lights that just made people happy.  One thing that i found amazing about Pusha is the fact that I never heard one single person speak a single negative word about him.  Now there's a ton of good guys in our community, and don't get me wrong, I notice them and have been noticing them for a very long time.  Be even good guys have a rival, or an enemy, and for some reason no matter how nice or how stand up a person you are, there will always be someone talking some crap behind your back.  But in the case of Terrance, I have never heard as much as a single peep from anyone stating any dislike towards him.  That just tells me that he was doing everything right and by the love and support the community has given him, it definitely shows.  For those of you who had never been in contact or had any interactions with him, I want you to know that your gift of kindness in helping his family is very appreciated and is going to a family of good people.

I almost feel bad for posting anything after talking about Pusha but this blog is for me to inform people and share thoughts so I shall keep it that way.  As I get older I am truly realizing the value of life and how important it really is to cherish all the little things.  You go through very many stages of your life and never realize the truly great experience each and every step can bring.  You also hear a lot of advice and stories from people who are already passed your current stage and usually take it for granted at the time.  I mean honestly, how many times have you heard someone tell you something and later on say... Hmmm, he was so right, why didn't I listen?  It's the little things like this that can actually be life changing.  I can go on and on about this subject, but it's honestly just a broken record.  Almost as if a permanent cycle of life, cause I for sure have done this many times only to realize..... damn, he was right.  I need to cut this post off short a bit due to finalizing things with PushaTee's memorial fund, and our stream tonight.  So please take some advice and just stop and listen to people once in a while.  I'll be back soon with more old man rants and needless bitching, but until then, thank you all for reading. 


  1. You're right sometimes we need to take a moment and listen to the people around us, we never know how much longer they will be around. Good shit man.

  2. I was there and even tho I didn't know Terrance personally I learned how good of a guy he was and have seen all the love being sent his way and that has been awesome. You are right we need to cherish every second with the people around us because everyone has their time. Good post man.