Monday, September 29, 2014

More Updates, Current Progress, and Feedback.

Hello to all of you guys who take the time to read and keep up with everything I do here at Super Arcade.  Just wanted to stay in touch and let people know what's going on and where we currently stand in terms of current business hours and progress.  Firstly, this has been an extremely stressful time and no matter how many precautionary measures you take, something is bound to go wrong.  Regardless though, we are almost on track and I believe we will probably have a full on stage for our streaming area in less than 1 month.  We are also slowly adding in more games to our current lineup with the latest being Pirates of the Caribbean pinball and a 4-player Xmen cabinet.  Still holding onto the overall idea of not completely catering to the Fighting Game Community and adding more games that attract gamers of all ages.

Things have been going decent in terms of income and overall good feedback from our patrons.  The hours and hours and hard work seem to show and the general consensus is that the place is much cleaner, brighter, and more modern than before.  Oh yeah, we also have an occasional line to use to restroom...  Amazing!  One problem we are still running into though is keeping the floor clean.  I rent an industrial grade floor buffer every other week and get my hands dirty trying to keep all the gunk off the tiles.  It was kind of a crazy idea to go with a white floor but I feel the trade off in keeping the place looking bright is worth it.  We can also keep the normal overhead lights off and just leave the LED mood lighting on during the evening to cut costs and also keep a cool type of club look in a sense.  I know it seems like forever since we promised to have a "Grand Opening" and I will be first to say that I am not pleased at this.  There is nothing more I want to do than have the store open 7 days a week.  But at this time it is just not possible since we are waiting on about 10 more cabinets, a pair of basketball hoops, a stage, and our truss.  All these things are beyond my control and even with unlimited budgeting, which is something we obviously don't have, this would still be an issue.

For our kickstarter backers, here's a slight update on things as well.  Our backer plaque is done and just needs to be picked, T-shirts should be ready in about 10 days, commemorative Super Arcade tokens are still being worked on...... The only thing that doesn't have a definitive date are the 1st round of backer sticks.  The 2nd round of sticks are already here and some have been delivered, so please be patient.  We are still planning on a big party for our grand opening and hopefully people will still be interested in attending by that time.  The arcade will be closed to the public and we will have food, drink, and a DJ as promised.  Once again sorry for the delays, this isn't something I have full control over and working hard on my nagging skills to get things accomplished.

I also have another project I am working very hard on and if you are interested check it out at #37reloaded. This is Super Arcade's first major tournament and I am trying to leave a lasting impression.  It is very difficult to find a balance for a business to make a profit and to keep things reasonably priced and have everyone happy.  But as the saying goes, we all know its impossible to make everyone happy so I do what i feel is best.  We have raised the price slightly on our drinks to help cover the cost of maintaining the restroom.  Just the cost of paper towels and toilet paper have warranted this increase and I hope you all understand.  We also clean the restroom at least once every 2 hours to help keep it in immaculate condition and give you all that great experience when you enter!

Anyways, not much time to type today, so I hope I have covered some questions you guys might have.  I will try to post again soon and thank you all once again for supporting us.

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