Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The truth, closure, and the finish line

Many times in life you will come across hardships and challenges. And during those times is when you find yourself at a point in life where you are forced to make decisions that will greatly influence the rest of your life. These choices you make may seem unimportant at the time but its these exact choices that lead you to be the person you are today. Just think back to some of the earliest scenarios in life. Think back to grade school, where you had a choice to either study for your upcoming quiz and spend more time catching up on reading, or take the option of going out to play with your friends, or just sit at home and watch tv instead. It's choices as simple as this that lead you to where you are today. Now I'm not saying that if you chose to study more it will turn you automatically into this successful person later on in life, but it does set the tone on how you dedicate yourself and how you proceed to tackle your everyday issues.

Let me get one thing straight before I continue. I am not harping on anyone's work ethics here, nor am I trying to pass any judgement. I have made plenty of mistakes in life, and HUGE ones at that, but its all about how you bounce back to right these wrongs you have written and take the initiative to improve yourself. Obviously everyone is different, and as you get older you really start to realize these differences. As a kid, you have your parents to help guide you and warn you about what not to do and who not to hang out with. I was told that taking shortcuts in life would not be rewarding and taking the easy way out doesn't teach you anything. So for once in my life I finally did everything right. I followed all the rules. I took the long road which was full of hurdles and roadblocks and guess what?

I f*cking lost everything. And when I say everything, trust me. I've lost so much more than many of you ever experienced and much much more than some of you ever will. So for anyone to ever say "I'm not for the community" or "I don't love the FGC," you are completely wrong. My mistakes include getting obsessed with this project and putting everything aside in life. Also I would like to apologize for constantly giving timelines in which I had no control over and were out of my hands. I was always optimistic and never considered the fact that people would try to screw me over or delay my progress intentionally.

All I truly have left is this arcade and I will make it a huge success. I just hope that all of you will help me and come along for this ride. Thank you everyone. 


  1. Its in sight Mike. See it through. You got this :)

  2. I never let a negative comment about you or this arcade go by without correction. A herculean effort requires a herculean man. I'll be seeing you, bro.

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