Monday, November 16, 2015

Just some ranting and daily thoughts......

(This blog was written around 10/20)

As I mentioned in my previous post, things are really really starting to weigh down on my life.  I have so many things to be thankful for and I try to just do keep moving forward without any regrets.  There are so many situations that have led me to the current point in my life and honestly these events have been almost unbelievable.  I will share some of these stories with you guys over the next few posts since I have some time while waiting for the city to either grant or deny our restroom situation.  There's a lot of things that have been on my mind and being as I have been very public about everything, there is no need to stop now.

I don't want to continue to beat on a dead horse or bring up old nonsense, but if a lot of people want to continue to accuse me of things than I guess I should defend myself a bit.  People honestly feel that I have some type of grudge against Alex Valle and I want to clear that up once and for all.  And I would also like to take the time to state my opinions regarding the status of the FGC and competitive gaming.  So, I am not going to get back into any super specific details, but I will say this.  Valle did not ditch me and the separation of Super Arcade and LevelUp was very much beneficial towards me.  I no longer had to split venue fees and we still had the same attendance on Wednesdays and Thursday.  Without stating the obvious, the financial aspect of this huge and things were taking a turn in the right direction.  The only thing that was bad about this is that regardless of the what Super brought to the scene, tourneys on Wednesday nights were the idea of Alex and it was kind of sad that things did come to an end.  I met Alex way before many of you even heard about Street Fighter, and it's always a tough thing mixing friends and business.  But hey, we are both adults and we know what we are doing and the direction we are headed.  He is now accomplishing what he wants to do, and I am doing things the way I want to as well.  There is so much I want to discuss, but I will just go into two specifics regarding all this.

Firstly, this whole separation was actually brought about because of one person, Mr. Wizard.  I have already explained my whole ordeal with this guy and I don't want to rehash on it because it's already completely confirmed that he is nothing but a greedy leech to the community and only yearns to be in a position of power to feed his ego.  We already know he tried to sabotage my 37 Reloaded tournament last year that led me to speak out on stream one night and say some things that might have been best left unsaid.  But anyways, that's over with and not until recently I found out he also tried to tarnish my friendship and reputation with the Cannon brothers.  This sick bastard told them that I tied to "DDOS attack" them in some manner and had I not found out from a third party, this rumor would still be truth in their eyes.  Tom Cannon was actually a major help in guiding me through the Kickstarter campaign and him and his brother are the two people I look up to and respect the most in the entire community.  No matter what anyone does or achieves in terms of helping or moving the FGC forward, the existence of this community is purely cause of their love and support from day 1.  So for Wizard to actually spread this rumor and try to turn them against me, that's just an all time low even from his standards.  Luckily I reached out and straightened things out recently so I didn't have to deal with any more problems that I didn't create with them.

Now onto the second part.  Valle was always one who was willing to push forward and really driven to get sponsors and just be a part of the so called "Big Show."  I was more in favor of keeping a competitive environment and doing what was best for the players and our customers.  Here is where more people tend to overextend their opinions and call me a poor business man and other friendly names.  So to give a different perspective of the situation, I am the type that would rather work hard, do things my way, and not sell out just for the money or the fame.  Others seem to be blinded by the money and feel that having an extravagant setting and mimicking other scenes is the way to go.  Growth is a natural thing, but it just seems that lately people are caring less about the game and just aiming for a quick buck and self gains.  Now I know people will have their opinions, and sometimes mine opinion isn't the most popular, but I am who I am and I will just keep things 100% honest at all times.  Will this ultimately be the reason for my own demise?  Possibly, but at least I can deal with the fact that I hurt myself, and wasn't a victim to anything that I didn't bring upon myself.

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