Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Final Step and Plans Moving Forward!

It seems as though it's been forever since Super Arcade was last open.  These past 6 months have been very constructive in both my personal life and the arcade moving forward.  There has been many ups and downs along the way but the light at the end of the tunnel is now here.  Many assumptions have been made so I would like to set things straight one last time before we do open our doors for business.  Some people seem to think that it is a very simple process in obtaining a business license to open an "coin-op arcade."  That in itself it a feat but fortunately the City of Azusa was willing to work with me and understanding that arcades of today are not what they used to be.  The application for obtaining a permit to run this business isn't your typical type of ordeal where you just pay your fees and get your permit.  Every business within a 300ft radius is sent out a notice where they have a chance to refuse our application.  If this happens, a board meeting at City Hall will take place and the issue will be discussed further.  If no one objects, then we are free and clear and our permit will arrive in the mail.  The only problem with this process is that not everyone will return the notice with their approval, but they are granted an allotted time frame to make their decision.  This is the entire hold up and the deadline is June 4th.  As of today there are no objections and I am just sitting here waiting for the day to come.

The good news is that all the ground work for the rest of things has already been handled and we will be ready to launch within days of receiving the proper paperwork.  Another thing I have noticed is people are now complaining that the new location looks like nothing has been done to it.  Well guess what?  You are correct!  Now let me explain the reasoning behind this so those that are uneducated and quick to jump to conclusions can rest there simple little minds.  I have a contingency clause in my lease that states "If for any reason I do not receive my permits and licensing required, a full refund of all deposits will be returned."  So basically, why would I move in and start getting charged rent before I get my license?  Enough money has been wasted and now it's just a matter of time to get things done.  Another thing that some people don't get it that I released the address to the location so that people can come check out the area and also make plans for their future attendance.  Lease and deposit paid?  check.  Insurance requirements fulfilled and completed?  check. Equipment ready to move in?  check. 

It won't take much time to get everything up and running once I start so hang in there guys.  I have lost enough sleep from being both worried and excited to get this fresh start.  There will also be a couple more surprises that will be announced in the next coming week or so.  I am currently in negotiations to bring in another business that will benefit not only myself but also our patrons.  The new shop is going to be awesome and its really exciting just thinking about all the possibilities.  Double the space, integrated store with all your FGC needs, many more pinball and arcade machines, and a larger dedicated tournament area.  Not sure what else we can do, but the future looks great.  Thanks for reading everyone and see you all here soon!

Mike Watson.


  1. Hope nobody there decides to be an a-hole and refuse your business.

  2. Great job persevering through all this! Hope to see Super Arc up and running again soon!

  3. Hi Michael,

    My name is Jessica Aguilar and I'm a UCI student. For my final, a group and I want to compile information regarding arcades in southern California. I have read through your posts and I think that you can provide us insight regarding arcades in this day and age. It would be great if we can interview you or ask you a couple questions. Thanks!

    1. Hello. Thank you for your interest but unfortunately I do not have any free time until the arcade is open. Once we are, feel free to contact me or come right in and I will be glad to help.

  4. Hey Watson,

    Name's Milton and I have a gaming podcast running and would love to have you on. Would be about your history on the scene both as a competitor and curator. Think you can provide insight into this thing we all love so much like very few can, especially since taking over Super Arcade.

    Many Thanks

  5. As stated above, I apologize. I will not have any spare time until we are open as there is still much work to be done. Please contact me after and I will be glad to help.