Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Doing What You Love And Completing What We Started

Hello again everyone and thank you all for continuing to read and have interest in what's going on with Super Arcade and myself.  It has been a very long road with a ton of ups and downs to say the least.  As most of you know we closed our previous location on December 22, 2014 and are still currently looking for a new home.  Now I know a ton of people are out there wondering why things are taking so long, and wondering what might be holding up everything, so I am finally available to explain and it all.  Firstly, I have dedicated myself to this career and basically put everything else in life on hold.  I have a family and a home that needed attention and working 80 hours a week doesn't do wonders for my own health.  The good news is that I have a very understanding wife and she knows this is what I love doing and is also a huge contributing factor towards my motivation.  Now that I have caught up in a sense and I have her support in moving forward I can give it my full attention and get this place up and running again.

As for a new location there are a few really important requirements :
  • Size : 3,000 sq/ft minimum
  • Parking : We require roughly 40-50 parking spots
  • Hours : Must have no issue with us being open till 3am
  • Cost : Looking for a lease under $4500/month
And even if I were to find a spot that would accommodate all our needs, the most important factor was reaching out to the players and community that supported us from the start.  I contacted many people and was happy to hear that once we reopened they would be more than happy to attend our tournaments and location once again.  I also know I created a splash with the so called "illuminati" of the Fighting Game Community and I still refuse to conform to their obscene goal to monopolize and suck money out of the fans.  Many viewed this as a problem and believed it created a divide.  I believe it shows people we can still stand up for what we believe and we don't have to fit the cookie cutter mold that is being shoved down our throats.  We do not need to be Esports, we do not need to spend $50 or more to "spectate" a tournament, and we do not have to play or enjoy only the games that are being promoted by the big wigs.  Look at it this way, just a few years ago I recall the head of the biggest console gaming tourney in the world saying Smash Bros was not a fighting game, yet this year they are hosting 2 versions of it.  Who's the money hungry cash grabbing cow now?  We can and will continue to do what we do and support our own player base and continue to stream and cater to those who are fans of our particular style.  And I understand that since I am so open about everything I will attract a ton of criticism, but that's okay because at the end of the day I see many people who walk in and out of here with a genuine smile and appreciation for what my staff and I provide to them.  And that makes it all worth while.

I want to also address the locals who showed up weekly to our establishment.  I'm sorry to those of you who frequented our location and had no where to go for the past 6 weeks as I too was looking for some sort of peace during my unpleasant times.  This is when I honestly realized I needed the arcade for myself as much as anyone else because this is what I love doing.  And now that I have made mistakes and failed in some areas, I know how to improve and I will be back stronger.  I just hope all our loyal fans will return and also hope we can bring in a new wave of players to experience everything we have to offer. Thank you for having faith in me and keep checking for updates because there are going to be a lot of them coming soon.  Thanks again for reading and hope to see and talk to everyone real soon!

Miss you all,


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  2. Watts how about the old place where nickel nickel arcade used to be up on workman and azusa?? The parking lot is accomadating, it's in a plaza where there are not many houses around and it looks like a safe area. Just a heads up!!!!

  3. Keep fighting for what you believe in, man. I just moved here from the East coast and Super Arcade has been top on my list of places to visit since I arrived. That's one guaranteed new customer, bro! Can't wait.