Monday, July 21, 2014

Some more remodeling updates, a new tournament announced, and special thanks to a special lolzcat.

So we have been at it for about a week now and things are moving along decently considering the amount of manpower and consideration of cost being implied.  Against my own intuition we have chosen a color of flooring much brighter than grimey dark blue linoleum that occupy the floor of Super Arcade.  I have gone with a new linoleum thats a bit of an off white and contains some dark colored streaking for texture.  It looks good, but my fear is that it won't stay white for too long.  But then again this blue lasted almost 30 years and considering we are purchasing the same brand, hopefully history will repeat itself and we can get some good mileage from the new flooring.  This will help with our new look of making the place brighter and more family friendly along with the brighter LED lighting and cool new paint job we are about to apply.  We also tore up the storage room to create more space and a larger area to store things properly.  That was a mess in itself because no one has messed with that place in over 20 years it seems.  I found things in there Indiana Jones would have trouble recognizing and unfortunately none of these old relics were worth anything.....  Oh wells.  At least there is now adequate lighting back there and it doesn't resemble a room for hiding a victim of human trafficking.  If you want to follow more of our updates regarding the remodel then follow us on instagram at :

Also seeing as it is Ryu's 50th birthday today, it only seemed right to officially announce a new tournament that I have been working on for quite some time now.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of a moment in Street Fighter history that not only put our beloved game in more of a public eye, but brought us one of the most unforgettable moments in competitive fighting game tournament history.  Most of you have seen the regular footage recorded : Evo Moment #37  And here's another video with player cam that isn't as popular : Evo Moment #37 pt. 2.  So since this is a special event celebrating such a significant piece of FGC history, it would only be right to bring back the games that were played at this event.  So far the roster is to include Street Fighter 2 Super Turbo, Capcom vs SNK 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and of course Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike,  There are many factors still up in the air but the things that are set in stone currently include the attendance of both Daigo and Justin.  The venue for this event has already been booked and is the exact same room that this feat was performed in and none of that "Ursa Major" hall, located on the premises of California State Polytechnic University located in Pomona, California.  The event dates are also set for November 21-23 so start booking your rooms now.  There are a ton of options and this is an event you won't want to miss.  For you new school guys we are thinking about throwing in a Ultra Street Fighter 4 tourney on the side so some of you 09'ers have something to play.

And one final person I have always wanted to thank in my blog, but due to a few personal issues and what not I never found the right time.  For those of you who have attended our tourneys or hung our here at Super Arcade you have probably noticed this person helping out restocking our fridge and doing many things for Super that you probably didn't notice.  This person no longer comes to our shop anymore unfortunately but I can't say he wasn't a big reason we stayed alive during the down times and he helped tremendously and sacrificed for the sake of myself and the arcade on many occasion.  I didn't want to thank this person at the wrong time because I didn't want it to look like I was just doing so for any other reason than genuinely thanking him, so here it is.  Thank you Rex for helping out here so many times and also bending over backwards to keep Super Arcade alive.  Rex was here the day I was robbed and sacrificed his time to head up north to Sactown with me and Mando at 5am and worked until after midnight.  He also bailed me out a few times financially and helped me keep the arcade open when things weren't going all that well.  I'm sorry things turned out the way they have, but just know that you were not overlooked and your help is greatly appreciated.

Anyways, that's it for now guys and gals.  I will try to update everyone as soon as possible and as soon as time permits.  For those asking about your kickstarter rewards, hang tight, I am still working on a lot of stuff.  I will be sending out emails through the kickstarter page and get everything handled in a timely manner.  Thank you all for reading and talk to you all real soon!


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