Monday, June 16, 2014

Let the games begin: Evo hype and the final days before the overhaul.

With so much going on currently at Super Arcade it has been just a struggle to keep up with the normal everyday activities that we provide week in and week out.  Ultra Street Fighter 4 launched a couple weeks ago and we have received almost 100 entrants in back to back weeks for our Wednesday Night Fights tourneys.  Not a bad turnout for a game that has been patched a ton of times and received endless complaints from the fans and community eh?  Just goes to show, the community and competitive drive of the FGC are more important to the players than some minor flaws.  We also just finished one of craziest weekends to date and I don't think my crew and I can survive too many more of these.  So aside from WNF, TRB, console casuals, which all run till 3am by the way, we also hosted our bi-weekly anime game series known as Rebel Up and then more madness followed.  Soon as that tourney ended roughly at 11pm on Saturday night we immediately started clearing out the arcade and cleaning up for the next event we were holding.  A 24 hour Smash Brothers extravaganza!

After a quick break and set up, we opened the door at 12 am and people started bringing in their set ups to play some Smash.  Being it was Father's Day we were a little concerned that the turnout would be low, but we also had some special guests for our tourneys and not 1, but 2 pot bonuses provided by for our event, so that probably helped.  As 3am rolled around we were getting ready to start our singles tourney and amazingly we had over 60 entrants.  60 people at 3am??  We can't even get 60 people to enter our Marvel tourneys as of late and this community brought out that many players at this crazy hour of the morning?  Just unreal and huge props to Smash players for continuously supporting and loving their game.  There were a few players who showed up and seemed unhappy, and unfortunately their issues could not be resolved due to the fact they were so "Amazingly Shocked" that there was a venue fee and couldn't grasp the concept of being charged a measly $10 for 24 hours of play...........  go figure.  Regardless, a few sour apples couldn't ruin the atmosphere and the tourney went on without them.  As 10am rolled around we once again cleared out the arcade and kindly asked everyone to go outside and get some fresh air so we could clean up once again and set up for the next tourney.  So aside from the already super tough competition that the southern California already has to offer, we were being visited by the best player known as Armada and another recognized player known as Mew2King.  It's always nice when locals get to play top players from other regions since not everyone has the luxury to travel and compete against the best this is a huge opportunity for the fans.  This tournament wound up gathering a total of over 115 players and included many highlights that were both streamed and enjoyed by everyone in attendance.  All the festivities came to an end roughly at 11:30pm Sunday night and after being open for over 36 straight hours, Super Arcade finally closed and my crew and I were able to go home.

Monday is here and now I'm able to finally catch up on some more planning and also if you guys haven't been keeping up with Super Arcade news, we have a booth at EVO!  Our booth isn't your standard booth where people just sell stuff and have meet and greets.  At our booth we will have arcade machines for you to play if you want to take that break from console gaming and we will also have some shirts for sale like any other booth.  I am also proud to announce that I was granted permission to have an official "EVO" shirt that we are selling along with our own designs.  You can see all 3 designs that will be available at Evo here at our wesbite :

So aside from the typical things needed for a remodel which include color scheme, floor design, and restroom renovation, I have completed the designs for a new front counter which will now be a glass display case where you can purchase all things needed for stick repair and upgrade.  There will also be clothing offered from various brands associated with the FGC and other various Super Arcade branded items.  I have also purchased a few more arcade machines that will fit in with our new line up and hopefully be fan favorites for years come.  With EVO less than a month away there is a ton of excitement building up and we here at the arcade will be working hard the day after we get home.  I believe we can accomplish just about everything we need to do for our remodel in roughly 3 weeks, so take that time off you need after the biggest tourney in the world, and then get ready to return to action once we get the doors back open here.  It should be a great place to hang out and continue to be a strong foundation for all of casual and competitive gamers.

Thanks again as always for taking the time follow up with our events and plans here at Super Arcade and talk to you all again real soon.


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