Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Still In Awe And Preparing For A New Start!

It seems as though an eternity has passed since our Kickstarter campaign launched back in the middle of March.  The good news is as of today we are still fully funded and have until midnight this Friday to receive the final tally.  I have already started working on the new lighting scheme we will be using which includes LED and black light.  There will be a ton of before and after pictures for all of you and I am sure people will notice everything involved in this "extreme makeover."  I have also designed the stream station and console gaming stations and will release some more concept art to better show the near finished product.  Each station will basically be a type of desk with its own power source, a table top to place either a console or laptop on it, and both a storage shelf and a storage cabinet below to store a CRT and a console when not in use.  I am also working on designing a type of 2-man seat dedicated to each station so there will never be an issue with finding a chair before a match.  The only thing really left to do is complete my color scheme for the wall and and restroom.  I already know what I'm going to do with the restroom so have no fear haha!  I actually think I spent too much time planning for the restroom but hey, that was the most popular part of this whole ordeal so it's time well spent.

I also wanted to thank everyone who purchased our first run of t-shirts and hopefully everyone is enjoying them.  I will be releasing a few more designs that I've been working on and they will be available for sale right before we start remodeling.  We will also be making some commemorative memorabilia for people and it will have a cool concept I promise.  That's about all the new updates I have for now but there will be a much more consistent blog activity soon as things get rolling. 

EDIT: As I type this I am noticing quite a bit of people retracting their pledges and our total has dropped over $1300 in the past 3 days.  I know things in life come up and sometimes you have no choice but to remove your pledge, but if you guys can just do me the favor of not waiting till the last minute it would be greatly appreciated.  A couple of people that had to retract their pledge contacted me and that kind gesture of at least giving me notice is more than I can ask for.  This project will not be funded unless it stays above our goal and if someone is going to sabotage us it would be nice to have more than a 5% cushion to insure we keep this project a reality.  Over the past couple weeks after we reached our goal I have tried to not spam or force feed the issue to everyone but it looks like I will need to make a final push just to make sure things go right.  Hopefully you guys won't be too annoyed with this and can help by spreading the word until the campaign is truly over.

I am still going to carry on as though this is going to happen and keep working on more planning for the next few weeks.  As promised more artwork will be shared and updates will be of the abundance.  Thank you all for reading and talk to you all again soon!

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