Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Uhhhh...... HOLY SH*T!!!!!

So it is currently 5pm on this lovely Wednesday afternoon and I am sitting here on my laptop at almost a loss for words.  Lets just say when I launched the Kickstarter Project I thought I was going to call it a night and finally get some rest and get back to promoting in the morning.  After waiting many long days and weeks, then making sure everything was perfect, last night was the moment I had been waiting for for months.  I was finally able to click the "Launch" button and as funny as it sounds, it was the first time in a long time i felt really excited to do something.  I can't really explain the feeling completely but I can compare it to being a child again and asking your parents for a really awesome toy for Christmas, then coming downstairs on Christmas Day and seeing a gift all nicely wrapped up under the tree with your name on it.  Now the only question is whether or not that gift is what you asked for, or was it just a regular gift that your parents found suitable.  Are we getting that Omega Supreme Transformer?  or are we going to be opening up that counterfeit Voltron that your grandma picked up from a swap meet........

So once again, its 10:30pm and I literally just finished altering some text on the kickstarter page and watched the video for the 50th time.  I took a deep breath and proceeded to click that damn launch button with authority.  I then logged into Twitter and posted that the project was now live and to please spread the word.  So I then head to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and was preparing to wind down and get to bed.  Daughter was asleep, wife was in bed ready to sleep, and I was heading back upstairs when I started to hear my phone blow up with text messages and Twitter updates......... What was going on?  Did I make a mistake and people were trying to get my attention to correct something?  I was getting nervous actually and then to my surprise I had raised $3500 in less than 15 minutes.  I couldn't control my excitement and told my wife to go check it out ASAP.  So we looked at the computer together and within minutes it was at $5000.  I just chuckled like a little baby eating ice cream for the first time and started to get a real warm feeling of success and accomplishment.  So I try to lay down for a few minutes and my phone is literally buzzing non-stop.  Now I go back to my computer room and can't stop hitting F5 to refresh the page over and over.  I find myself sitting there until midnight and all of a sudden the campaign is sitting at over $12000.  Anyways, so 3am comes around and it slows down a bit but I think I see the number $13500 before I can no longer keep my eyes open.  I can now get to bed with a great sense of accomplishment and some relief.  Thank you everyone.

So morning comes and instead of getting texts, now my phone is ringing off the hook.  During a few calls from friends in the scene and even a few family members I am checking Twitter notifications and see over 200 retweets and countless mentions from everyone.  I can't thank you all enough and this is the largest sign of support I feel I have ever received in my life.  I work hard week in and week out for the community and this might just be that time where I succeed and can continue to work hard for you all and make Super Arcade something incredible and more amazing than you can imagine.  Not going to jump the gun at all as I realize that the goal is only about half way there, but to get there in this fashion is just shocking.  We came out the gate guns blazing and can't waste this momentum.  So here I am now with all this support, and now it's time for me to continue pushing forward towards this goal.  Huge thanks to everyone that has motivated me and there are a few people I want to give special thanks to.  Some of you may know Talis from attending our WNF tourneys as he is the taller gentleman with long hair constantly walking by my hair with fantasies of being Fabio.  But all joking aside, he helped me put this project together on paper and is also helping me with all the web based duties.  Another person is Eliver Ling who helped me put together the video you see on our kickstarter page.  I would like to thank him as well as apologize for having to do the video over multiple times as I not camera friendly and a little difficult to work with.  Thank you for your time and effort sir.  And last but not least I would like to thank Tom Cannon for helping me adjust many things in my project as he himself recently ran a huge kickstarter campaign for the game "Stonehearth." Stonehearth Kickstarter Project  Big thanks to Tom as he pretty much just point and fired all his knowledge in my direction and it is definitely paying off.

So that's about all I have to update for now and I will keep everyone up to date as far as how things are going during this whole ordeal.  I try my best to keep up with all the feedback, and I even hit up reddit to keep those guys at peace with me cause we all can agree by now, Stream Monsters are part of the FGC!  I need to get ready for tonight's tourney so I am going to cut it off here and see you again in about a week.  Thanks for reading as always and talk to you all again soon.

oh yeah, heres the link to our kickstarter if you havent check it out already:

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