Friday, December 6, 2013

Explanatory Introduction

I would first off like to thank anyone spending the time to read this as it genuinely is the first time I have attempted to write something with the intent of sharing my thoughts and bring you into the life of an arcade owner.  I would like to let you know that I consider myself a pretty private person when it comes to dealing with problems and sharing emotions of any sort.  With that said I do feel it is important to release this statement of fact and feeling so people of the Fighting Game Community can start to understand the importance of keeping this niche group of people strong and tight nit for many more years to come.  Once again, please let me express to you that many of you may or may not agree with many of things I am going to express in terms of opinion but also try to put yourself in an open mindset where you can understand why I view things the way I do and how I go about handling the situations before you make your judgement.  Another reason I am writing this extended prologue is in attempt to keep the flaming to a minimal because as we all know by now, once you put something on the internet you are instantly putting yourself out there to be criticized and usually the results are quite harsh.

I find many of things I am about to share are sensitive subjects due to the timeline and current status of not only the arcade but the relationship of the parties involved.  I must also be very careful in what I tell you all since I am also under a microscope of not only the people of the FGC but also that of people trying to file lawsuits against me and individuals with harmful intentions towards myself and the existence of the arcade itself.  Some names will be withheld due to a concern of privacy but to those who are close to the scene these names are very obvious so please respect my decision in not directly naming them.  If I am in any way, shape, or form offending any of the people involved in my posts please come talk to me in person if you have any issues and I will gladly talk to you about them in person to resolve any possible miscommunication or misrepresentaion on your behalf.  I have one goal to achieve by telling you all my story, and my goal is to make this community stronger and hopefully open the eyes of those who have taken this community for granted.  The importance of this is great enough for me to step outside of my normal life and actually expose the ins and outs of Super Arcade.  Hopefully some of you will gain a higher respect for those who make things happen, or maybe gain knowledge as to how much work is actually put into events and gatherings that you have a good time attending, and worst case, possibly gain a better understanding of yourself as a gamer and realize that each individual has their own place in this unique environment we have all grown to love.

next post I will be talking about how Super Arcade popularity came about, Wednesday Night Fights AE edition, and the honeymoon period of a newly established location.